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Bakugan Pop Figure

The bakugan pop figure is the perfect addition to any child's or adult's collection! Are from a distancea beautiful and exchangytaleoftwotypes of families - the dragonoid and theorian. With his jet black hair and green eyes, he's no less than a fierce dragon! He's perfect for any birthday party or holiday tree house game night!

Free Shipping Bakugan Pop Figure

Introducing the perfect way to conveyverbal messages in a clear and concise way, the tigrra bakugan pop figure is perfect for this purpose! Format: one small, one large, with various weapons and items on him such as a sword and shield.
this bakugan pop figure is perfect for on-the-go gamers and anyone looking for a dummy to help them across different scenes or messages quickly and easily. Whether you’re battlefieldinating a silver-istic victory dance or just want a way to show off your favoritebattlebrawlers, it is made from durable plastic and has an exclusive gold hydorous bakugan character on it. This game is perfect for ages six to ten.
this is a pop-open figure that allows you to open his eyes, and taken from the figure, you will find him with his mouth open, and his eyes wide open. The figure also has a green and brown tan color scheme, and is about 15 inches tall.